Murad says one-year performance of PTI govt is dismal


Staff Reporter

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the one-year performance of the federal government of PTI is so dismal that it cannot be counted as governance for the people and by the people but it was a 12-month suppression of the people by the government.
This he said on Sunday morning while talking to media just after launching tree plantation drive in the courtyard of the British-era Frere Hall by planting a sapling of Neem tree. The programme was organized by Sindh Forest department and was attended by almost all the cabinet members and a large number of senior government officers.
The chief minister said that the performance of a government anywhere in the world, particularly in the third world countries was judged from its public-welfare policies but here in Pakistan the PTI government set an ambitious tax recovery target and just to achieve it imposed heavy taxes and unleashed a wave of awe and fear among the investors to achieve its targets.
As a result, the investors instead of expanding their investments started slashing whatever they had already invested. Therefore, a large number of employees rendered jobless.
Mr Shah said that in such circumstances almost everyone, including salaried class and the labour class were faced with under-employment like situation. People keep running from pillar to post all the day long to meet bread and butter for their families. “The salaried class cannot meet his domestic expenditures from his salary,” he said.

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