More than 1.5m Hajj pilgrims benefit from e-services


Observer Report


A total of 1,519,427 pilgrims benefited from the electronic services (e-services) provided by the General Presidency of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice during this year’s Hajj season. The e-services were provided during the first period of Hajj through digital awareness tools in 15 different languages, as instructed by the general president of the commission, Sheikh Dr Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al-Sanad, to help pilgrims perform their Hajj with ease, Arab news reported.
The commission, represented by the Committee of Awareness, Guidance and Publications, developed its services for Hajj and provided many programs and digital initiatives that made it easier for visitors to complete their pilgrimage. One of the most useful e-services were screens and interactive devices that worked around the clock, where the user could experience audio, video and printed guidance materials in 15 languages.
A total of 113,625 pilgrims benefited from these services, which also offered instruction manuals and download links on how to better use them. Broadcasting via Wi-Fi technology made content available on screens, covering an area of 100 cubic meters indoors, and 360 cubic meters outdoors, for the largest number of beneficiaries. Each screen offered services to 6,000 pilgrims at the same time through wireless technology. Users could download the content directly to their mobile phones without the need to go through the internet, as screens contained 210 guidance materials, 1,207 audio materials, 32 books, and screens that featured 5,760 guidance segments 24 hours a day.

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