Moot discusses eco system for clinical research



A roundtable consultation conference to introduce eco system of clinical research in the country was held at the Shaikh Zayed Federal Post-graduate Medical Institute (SZFPGMI), here on Sunday.

A number of experts of clinical research gathered in the conference under the leadership of renowned clinical researcher Dr Babar Saeed Khan while SZFPGMI Professor Dr Ayesha Humayun and Fatima Jinnah Medical University ‘s Dr Azra Mehmood jointly presided over the conference. Chief guest, Deputy Dean SZFPGMI Professor Mona Aziz elaborated the importance of the clinical research in the country.

Dr Maryam Hassan of Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre was the moderator in the gathering. Professor Naheed Arsalan, Professor Samina Malik, Professor Ghazala Rubi, Professor Gulfarin Professor Nabila Talat, Dr Sumaira Aslam and a large number of experts participated in the conference.