Months will come and pass but PTI to stay: Sarwar There will be no polls before 2023: Dr Gill


Staff Reporter

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar on Thursday said that the January, February and March will come and pass but the PTI will remain in power till 2023.
“With resignations by the PDM, not the government but the opposition members will lose their assembly membership.
Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar was talking to Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Affairs Dr Shehbaz Gill who called on the governor at Governor House here on Thursday. Both the governor and the Special Assistant to PM discussed various issues including political and government affairs and suggested that the PDM should wait for the 2023 general elections.
The Punjab governor said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will not back down from transparent and impartial accountability. The solution to the problems is dialogue, not long marches and sit-ins. In any case, the government will fulfill its responsibility to uphold the rule of law and the constitution. He further said that the people stand with the government’s narrative of the country’s progress and development not that of the opposition. He said that Pakistan is moving forward successfully today which is not being tolerated by the opponents and no compromise will be made on transparent accountability.
On the other occasion, Dr Shahbaz Gill said that neither Prime Minister Imran Khan will resign, nor there will be elections before 2023. The agenda of PDM is not the protection of national interests but only self-interests. He said that the government will not be intimidated by the opposition’s rallies.
Meanwhile, Chairman Punjab Public Service Commission Lt-Gen (Retd) Maqsood Ahmed called on Governor Chaudhry Sarwar. The chairman apprised about the progress made on the issue of leaking of PPSC papers while the governor directed the Chairman PPSC to ensure foolproof measures to prevent such incidents in future.
According to details, Lt-Gen (Retd) Maqsood Ahmad called on the governor at Governor’s House on Thursday. During the meeting, Ch Sarwar said that merit and transparency strengthen institutions. Ch Sarwar said that PPSC is a credible and certified institution and strict action will be taken against those who try to tarnish its image. Meanwhile, the PPSC chairman informed the Punjab governor that as soon as the matter came to notice, immediate action was taken as per the constitution. He said that all those who have been arrested are in the custody of Anti-corruption.

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