Moeed: Pakistan won’t accept ‘forceful takeover’ in Afghanistan

Observer Report

National Security Adviser Dr Moeed Yusuf has said that Pakistan will not accept a “forceful takeover” in Afghanistan and instead support a political solution to the war-torn country’s conflict.

“We will not accept a forceful takeover,” he told reporters at a press conference held at the Pakistan embassy in Washington, DC late on Wednesday, wrapping up a week of talks with the US administration.

The NSA stressed that the only solution for peace in Afghanistan was a “political one”.
“We have made it absolutely clear that we are with the international community on where this goes,” he said. “But the world also needs to be clear that the US invests in a political settlement.”

Dr Yusuf said the harsh rhetoric of the Afghan government against Pakistan was making it impossible to maintain good relations between the neighbours.

“We are beginning to see a very conscious, deliberate effort by the Afghan government to scapegoat Pakistan,” he said, adding that Afghanistan wanted to shift the entire blame of its failures onto Islamabad.

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