MoCC requests Sec Interior, CDA chair for action against Director Environment

City Reporter

Ministry of Climate Change on Wednesday wrote a letter to Secretary Interior and Chairman Capital Development Authority to take necessary action against the latter’s Director Environment Rana Tahir Hassan for his misconduct and threatening behavior towards Chairperson IWMB and her staff.

A MoCC official told media that the letter has been written in the aftermath of the delinquency made by Capital Development (CDA) Environment Staff who not only violated the Islamabad Wildlife Ordinance rather physically assaulted the Islamabad Wildlife Management (IWMB) staff and removed the fixed gate, signs at Trail-4.

He added that the CDA staff also removed the precious fertilizer (compost soil and plants) for their nurseries which was criminal as it was a penalizing offense as per law.

In the letter by the Ministry, it was mentioned that the Chairperson IWMB has reported the misconduct of Rana Tahir Hassan Khan Director Environment (CDA).

It further mentioned that the said officer was reluctant to attend the IWMB Board meeting on one pretext or the other despite being member of the Board.

Chairperson had also complained that Tahir Hassan was rude and threatening to her as well as to IWMB staff.

He has also refused to vacate, the office which was still occupied by CDA inside the Marghzar Zoo being asked several times to cooperate with IWMB, the MoCC letter underscored.

It added that this showed the behavior of Director Environment CDA Rana Tahir was unbecoming and tantamount to misconduct.

Ministry requested that the complaint submitted by IWMB Chairperson on above issue should be considered and necessary action may be taken as deemed appropriate.

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