Misconduct in E-Cat successfully traced by VU

Staff Reporter

Virtual University of Pakistan in an isolated incidence, during the conduct of Engineering College Admission Test 2021, one candidate was found to be using unfair means in violation of the code of conduct, at one of its private virtual campuses (exam center).

According to a press release on Friday, the Virtual University has just conducted the Engineering College Admission Test 2021, on behalf of UET, Lahore.

The University immediately took notice and identified the culprits involved through digital footprint. The University is taking necessary measures to enhance the integrity & sanctity of its examinations.

The Virtual University has successfully conducted 33,649 tests through its state-of-the-art ICT based system, wherein every candidate gets a unique paper without human interaction, generated automatically from a progressive ‘Question Bank’. This system guarantees anonymity, uniformity, and secrecy up to the last minute.

Virtual University takes the integrity and sanctity of its examinations/tests very seriously and has a zero-tolerance policy in this regard.

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