Mischief returns to Hong Kong


WISE handling of the Hong Kong riots brought peace to the residents of the famous Asian business hub but the trouble again erupted after two weeks due to mischief caused by some local and foreign interests. Police had to be deployed on Sunday after protestors blocked roads and vandalized stores in Kowloon on Sunday.
China has allowed complete freedom and liberties to people of Hong Kong and this became evident when people made their free choice during Council elections. However, instead of reposing confidence in those whom they have chosen to represent them, protestors are resorting to the same old tactics aimed at destabilization of the autonomous region. The situation became clear when marchers on Sunday appealed to US President Donald Trump for help and demanded that police stop using tear gas. Waving American flags, black-clad protesters marched to the US Consulate to thank Mr Trump for signing into law last week legislation supporting their cause and urged him to swiftly sanction HK officials for allegedly suppressing human rights. All this is happening despite formal removal of an extradition bill that would have allowed people within Hong Kong to be arrested and tried in mainland Chinese courts. At the behest of their foreign handlers, the protestors have increased their demands to include granting Hongkongers universal suffrage, the release of all imprisoned protesters, the de-classification of a June protest as a “riot”, and the formation of an independent commission of inquiry into police behaviour. Hong Kong protests are a deep-rooted conspiracy to create hurdles in the way of China’s accelerated march on the road to progress and prosperity and peaceful people should strengthen hands of the leadership in foiling the designs of the enemy.