Minor girl gives birth after being raped by classmate

Minor girl gibes birth after being raped by classmate

A 12-year-old girl who was reportedly sexually raped by a classmate eight months ago gave birth in a horrific event in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

According to reports in Indian media citing police authorities, the victim and two accomplices were arrested in connection with the crime.

The victim’s mother had no knowledge about the rape or the pregnancy, according to law enforcement. The family suspected that the little child was suffering from a tumor or an illness linked to it.

After the Class-IX kid complained of acute stomach pain, her mother claimed they took her to a local medical facility. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, the physicians transferred her to the delivery room, where she gave birth to a healthy baby after some time.

When the family asked about the birth, the girl recounted her experience, according to the officer. One of her classmates, together with two other guys, forced her into a room in a remote location and sexually abused her, according to the victim.

She further said that one of the boys raped her as the other two stood to watch. It happened while she was walking home from school after having her schoolwork checked. To avoid serious consequences, the girl said she did not tell anybody about the event. The survivor’s mother, on the other hand, has refused to keep the baby.

On the other hand, a senior police officer informed the press that a thorough investigation is underway, but that it has yet to be verified since most schools have been closed for almost a month because of the continuing pandemic. He further said that the location of the event is yet unknown.

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