Minister outlines reasons for women’s education ban



In an interview with Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan-run RTA on Thursday night, the minister of higher education Neda Mohammad Nadeem said there were a number of reasons behind the decision to ban women from attending university.

He said reforms imposed by the IEA on the higher education sector had not been implemented.

According to him, there were four key reasons for the decision. These were that female students were not observing the full hijab law, that women living in dormitories were on their own and not accompanied by a male relative, that co-education of male and female students continued and that some faculties for women were not in keeping with Islamic laws.

The interview comes amid a global outcry following the IEA’s decision two days ago.

Not only have Western countries condemned the decision but Islamic nations, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Turkey, among others, have also called for the decision to be overturned.—Ariana news