Minister for use of agricultural machinery to reduce production cost



Ali Hassan

Punjab Minister for Agriculture Syed Hussain Jahanian Gardezi has said that modern and improved nutritional varieties of wheat have been introduced to remove the deficiency of zinc, boron and iron in the daily diet. Varieties are not only resistant to diseases but also have high productivity.

He expressed these views while addressing wheat seminar organized in Khanewal in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and NGOs (Agahee, Gain and Harvest Plus).

The Agriculture Minister said that 68% of the population in Pakistan while one-third of the people in the world are deficient in minor nutrients.

Present government is taking steps to alleviate nutrient deficiencies and ensure food security at the national level.

Under the Agricultural Emergency Program, mega projects worth Rs. 300 billion are being implemented which will not only increase per acre yield of crops but also help in alleviating nutrient deficiencies.

The wheat varieties which have been prepared by the Ayub Agriculture Research Institute, Faisalabad not only have good resistance against various diseases but good amount of zinc and iron found in these. He said that the wheat crop is cultivated on the largest area in Pakistan.

This crop also contributes to the economic stability of the farmers. Further increase in yield per acre is essential to make the wheat crop more profitable.

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