Millennium Education pioneers E-teaching and learning


Staff Reporter

The Millennium Education TME – a leading 21st Century Education System has extended the access from the classroom environment to the learner’s home through MATRIX – Learning Management System that has digitized the learning process and will bridge any gap between the classroom and the student says a press release. The decision to transition digital classes is part of an attempt at “social distancing,” the practice of limiting large gatherings and in-person contact to slow the transmission of the coronavirus.
The Millennium Education believe in the optimal utilization of technology to follow the best global practices. MATRIX is a cloud hosted, integrated, flexible and secure dynamic platform that allows Millennium Education to manage digital learning through web, anytime anywhere in the world. It establishes the connectivity between Campuses, Teachers, Millennials and Parents in a most effective manner.
MATRIX Learning Management System is extremely user-friendly where parents and learners are provided grade and subject wise links to access online learning, study material, printable worksheets, classwork updates, reinforcement plans, virtual classrooms, tutorials, home-study updates, assessments records and e progress cards.
Keeping in view the critical time of upcoming exams, integration with Office 365 Teams has also been initiated, through which learners shall have access to the real-time lectures or previously uploaded lectures Office Stream or Official Youtube channels.
The teachers of TME have been equipped with 21st Century tools for teaching and learning and at this time of need, TME is ready to take the challenge of a providing a non-stop learning to its students through the inclusion of digitalization of the course and classroom.

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