Medical authorities of US agree to collaborate with PMC in NLE


The Federal State Medical Boards (FSMB) of the United States (US) who along with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) conduct the USMLE licensing exam in the United States have agreed to the request of the President, PMC to collaborate on multiple areas and specifically for sharing technical knowledge and assistance to improve the standard and structure of PMC’s National Licensing Exam (NLE).

Detailed discussions had been ongoing between the President PMC and President FSMB in this regard. As part of the collaboration a high level delegation consisting of the top leadership of FSMB, NBME and also IAMRA which is the International association of medical regulators, will be visiting Pakistan early 2023 to initiate the collaboration programs. In addition to meetings with PMC and the key sector stakeholders they will also be visiting some of the top medical colleges and teaching hospitals in Pakistan.

PMC has already launched the National Licensing Exam on a digital basis in addition to the digital computer based MDCAT exam. PMC as part of its vision and targets is working on further developing the NLE, which is a critical component of Pakistani doctors international recognition, in terms of not only improving the standard but also launching next year a digital skills NLE 2 exam competing with the handful of the top medical jurisdictions where the skills component of the licensing exam is being converted to a digital structure. FSMB has also confirmed its support to PMC in their WFME recognition process.


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