Ready to sacrifice our assets, lives to save country: Sajid


On the occasion of 75 years of Pakistan’s Independence Day, Tehreek Jawanaan Pakistan and Kashmir Province of Sindh organized a rally under the leadership of Sindh President Mohammad Sajid under the direction of Party Chairman Abdullah Hameed Gul.

In the rally, Secretary General of Sindh Province Haider Ali Senior Vice President Mansoor Ali Khan, Deputy Secretary General Khawaja Sohail Ahmed and other participated. Muhammad Sajid, president of Tehreek Jawaan Pakistan Sindh, while addressing the rally participants, said that the purpose of the establishment of Tehreek Jawaan Pakistan as a political party is to protect Shariat, we have to convey the message of Shariat and Quran from home to home and remind them that the nations that follow the Islamic style.

They have withdrawn from the system and have been ruined. He stated we are ready to sacrifice our assets, lives to save country. Hamad Sajid said that success is not possible without the abolition of the Sudi system.


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