Reforms necessary for transparent elections


Next general elections will become controversial and unacceptable if election reforms are not made. The implementation of 62/63 act is the only solution to stop the corrupt mafia from the assemblies.

Ameer JI Siraj ul Haq stated this while addressing a press conference in Attock. He said all those in PPP, PML-N and PTI have been exposed and there is no doubt that these mafia do not want to solve the problems of the poor as they are not interested in it and claimed that only JI can ensure rule of the law.

He alleged that the names of all the political terrorists are included in corruption cases and all are also wanted by the NAB but could not be brought to justice as all those sitt8ng in the assemblies protect one another. Siraj ul Haq said, all including PTI only make hue and cry and do not want accountability at all as their interests are common.—Raza Naqvi

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