Doctors strike: LGH Principal conducts C-section of lady patients


Staff Reporter

Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) Prof. Dr. Sardar Mohammad Al-Fareed Zafar himself undertook C-Sections of different female patients.
He remained on duty in Gyne Department of Lahore General Hospital, where due to strike of doctors there were acute shortage of doctors. Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar, talking on this occasion, asserted that every doctor was duty bound to provide immediate medical assistance to patients.
Parents and patients expressed gratitude to Prof. Fareed Zafar for his cooperation and assistance to them and saving their and infants lives as well.
It is pertinent to mention here that senior lady doctors also assisted Principal PGMI and LGH Prof. Fareed Zafar in Gyne Department in the treatment of a number of female patients.
Moreover, around 200 doctors and paramedical staff of the primary and secondary (P&S) healthcare department will provide their services to specialized healthcare department and perform their duties in different teaching hospitals.
A spokesperson for the P&S health said the decision had been taken to solve problems at teaching hospitals due to shortage of doctors and paramedical staff.
In this context, an emergency facilitation centre (EFC) has been set up at the P&S healthcare department. It said medical superintendent of teaching hospitals could contact the EFC to get staff and doctors.