LoC heats up


APPREHENSIONS were proving true that Modi Junta could resort to sinister plots such as increase in activity on the Line of Control to divert world attention from its illegal acts in occupied Kashmir – the foremost amongst them in recent times was scrapping the special autonomous status of the occupied territory.
As people across the country and Kashmiri and Pakistani Diaspora were holding rallies on Thursday to mark India’s Independence Day as a Black Day to expose the evil face of Modi, Indian troops resorted to unprovoked firing on the LoC martyring three soldiers of Pak Army. Whilst Pakistan’s defence forces time and again have proved their capability and capacity to inflict greater damage to the enemy, five Indian soldiers were killed and many others were wounded besides destruction of their bunkers in the retaliatory fire by Pakistan Army. Whilst it is only the hallmark of Pakistan’s forces of honouring its martyrs, India on the other did not budge from its previous practice by refusing to accept casualties on its side in the latest LoC firing. But the whole world knows the Indian tactics as its lies stood exposed during the aerial fight between PAF and the IAF. Anyway the Indian Government is taking the matters to a dangerous level by clamping down complete security lockdown in occupied Kashmir and heating up the situation on the LoC. The hate ideology of RSS, which Prime Minister Imran Khan also repeatedly referred to, has no ending point but a conflict between the two nuclear armed neighbours will have disastrous consequences not only for this region but the whole world. As the United Nations Security Council is all set to begin debate on Kashmir dispute from today (Friday), Pakistani side should forcefully highlight India’s illegal steps in the occupied valley which in fact are contrary to the Security Council’s own resolutions on the disputed territory. Then at the same time, the world attention needs to be drawn to the ceasefire violations being committed by India, impressing upon it to allow the UN Military Observers Group to perform its functions and monitor the situation on the LoC and the Working Boundary. Time has come that the world body get its resolutions on Kashmir dispute implemented for the sake of regional peace and stability.

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