LFK holds in-house discussion on 75 years of horrendous genocide in IIOJK



The Legal Forum for Kashmir (LFK) hosted an in-house discussion titled “75 Years of Horrendous Genocide in IIOJK” to connection with the November 1947 massacre, also known as the ‘Jammu Genocide,’ which was carried out by armed forces under the command of Dogra ruler Hari Singh in Jammu.

During the in-house discussion, the panelists elaborated on the horrifying planned genocide of Muslims that resulted in the conversion of Jammu’s Muslim majority into a minority. One of the panelists cited a report from The Times of London dated August 10, 1948, which detailed the Jammu Genocide, “237,000 Muslims were systematically exterminated … by the forces of the Dogra State headed by the Maharaja in person and aided by Hindus and Sikhs.

Another panelist emphasised how Indian Hindu extremists were complicit with the Dogra ruler, and how a convoy of 70 trucks loaded with Jammu city Muslims left for Suchetgarh on November 6, with the Dogra ruler promising safe deportation to Pakistan. However, a few miles outside of town, the trucks were stopped, attacked and burned by armed jathas of Sikhs and Dogra state forces, leaving all the people burned beyond recognition.

After 75 years of mass genocide in Jammu, the Indian government is executing a similar patter by settler colonial machination in IOJK. Since Aug 05, 2019 when India repealed the special status of the territory, they have normalized the settler colonial project by bringing a massive change in constitution and other laws which paved the way for non-Kashmiris to settle and seek job in Muslim majority region.

Online Speakers from IIOJK said India is doing similar thing in Kashmir to change the demographic status of Muslim majority into minority.—KMS


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