Lebanon approves further wage increase for public sector employees



The Lebanese government has approved four additional monthly salaries for public sector employees, in addition to the two previous rises approved in Sept. 2022, the National News Agency reported.

Public sector employees will start receiving seven salaries per month two months later. They are requested to complete a minimum of 14 working days per month to be eligible for the wage increase.

They are only requested to attend for 14 working days as the government cannot afford to pay the high cost of their daily transport to work.

Meanwhile, the transportation allowance for public sector employees was set at 450,000 Lebanese pounds (about 3 U.S. dollars) per day, provided attendance is at most 18 days per month.

The cabinet also approved three additional salaries for retired public sector employees in addition to the two pay increases approved in Sept. 2022, which adds up to a total of six salaries.

The Lebanese cabinet convened on Tuesday to discuss the demands of public sector employees who demonstrated outside the Grand Serail, demanding wage rises amid the financial crisis.

Lebanon has been facing a steep financial crisis, causing a collapse of the local currency and plunging over 80 percent of the population into poverty.

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati said the government approved wage increases according to available resources. “We understand the concerns of the demonstrators, and we affirm that we will spare no effort to follow up on their demands,” he said.

Lebanon needs to elect a new president and form a new cabinet capable of implementing reforms to unlock aid from the International Monetary Fund and lead the country onto the path of recovery.—Xinhua