Lahore recovering from a record deluge: Also requires an explanation?


AFTER over a week long deluge the city of Lahore on Saturday appeared to be recovering from the record rainfall recorded in recent years. It was good to reach the office from DHA, via main defence road to the Fatima Jinnah Road shami road Jail Road, without much problem. For the past many days it was a different stoery. Even to move around posh, modern, and supposedly well maintained areas like Defence, Gulbergcantonement, Jail Road.
The Mall, Garden Town, Ferozepur Road, Model Town, Johar town and many emerging localities on both sides of Canal Bank from Thoker to Jallo have all been in the same way submerged in rain water non existent drainage system and worst traffic problems for the citicens.
When one thinks of other areas of the vast and expanded city of Lahore including the areas with in walled city and beyond, less we talk the better.
One shudders to think that the city of Lahore, often described as “Paris of Pakistan” should be in this state raising many many questions? Year after year ,in the past decade ,under the same regime ,it wasquite clear ,what was reason to see Lahore in such a despicable state.
Year after year, large sums of money were repordtidly being spent on the upkeep of roads ,drainage, and other maintenance purposes. That even the posh areas like The Mall, lawarance Road, Jail Road, Cantt, DHa, Gulberg, Model Town Johar Town, what to talk of others, shouldbe in such a poor despicable state needs an explanation where was the huge amount of money spent by the authoritiesconcerned. It definitely requires a proper ans suitable explanation by the Government of Punjab?

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