KP Assembly reposes full confidence in CM Mehmood


Opposition withdraws no-trust motion

Tariq Saeed

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Monday reposed full confidence in the leadership of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan with the combined opposition withdrawing their no-trust motion tabled against the Chief Minister a couple of days ago.

As many as 88 members of the KP assembly of 144 members passed a resolution in support of Mahmood Khan, while three members voted against him. “We resolutely express confidence in Chief Minister Mahmood Khan,” the resolution read. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly was due to take up a no-confidence motion against its Chief Minister Mehmood Khan in its Monday’s sitting.

Earlier, the opposition in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa withdrew their resolution of no confidence in Chief Minister Mehmood Khan after the provincial government promised not to dismiss the legislature.

The opposition leaders from the Awami National Party and Pakistan Muslim League-N told the media that the no-trust motion against KP Chief Minister Mehmood Khan, which had been submitted to the assembly secretariat on Friday, had been withdrawn. ANP parliamentary leader Sardar Hussein Babak said that the joint opposition did not want to topple the provincial government. The purpose of submission of the no-trust motion against the chief minister was to stop him from dissolving the assembly, he explained.

But since the provincial government has assured the opposition that the assembly will not be dissolved, the opposition is taking back its no-confidence motion, Babak added.

“We were not intending for the fall of the government,” Sardar Babak said. “The constitution has provided way to the government and the opposition,” He said adding during previous government in Centre, the province was deprived of its rights hoping the KP government would now strive to get these rights.


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