Khan’s U-turn



IN yet another apparent U-Turn, PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who had been ruling out the possibility of returning to assemblies, on Monday, hinted that his party’s lawmakers could go back to the National Assembly for the caretaker setup.

After dissolving Punjab Assembly and that of KPK which is also expected to meet the same fate in a matter of few days, the PTI Chairman while talking to a select media persons, has surprised everyone with the latest statement but this has come after reports that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif may be asked by President Arif Alvi to take vote of confidence.

Though the PTI’s return to Assembly decision has been welcomed by the government’s side, yet there should be no doubt that the political temperature is all set to rise further and touch new heights in the days to come, especially if the Prime Minister was really asked to take the vote of confidence.

As regards the PTI’s decision is concerned, it is not the first time that the party is retracting from its past position.

After the 2014 long march also, it had opted to return back to the National Assembly and now it is pursuing the same course after earlier taking a much tougher stance and categorically denying the possibility of returning to the current assembly.

We have been stressing in these columns that leaving Parliament under any circumstances is not a solution rather it is the platform where the political parties can address their issues through negotiations.

There is no denying that Imran Khan is one of the most popular leaders but the people also expect him to act wisely and with wisdom.

The focus must be on strengthening Parliament rather than undermining it. Strengthening this institution is really important to take the country in the right direction.

If the PTI really returns to the assembly, its focus must be on playing a positive role. It will definitely get a say in the next caretaker government to be set up at the Centre.

This is the best time for the PTI to hold discussions with the treasury benches on electoral reforms as these have become imperative to ensure free, fair and transparent elections and take the country towards political stability.