KE’s incompetence


This month KE has dispatched electricity bills along with a notice to consumers to provide CNIC No/Copy. This is in accordance with the Finance Act 2019 after amendment of the Sales Tax Act 1990. By this it is mandatory for all the Utility Companies to print Consumers/Subscribers CNIC No on their bills.
Here question arises that why KE is asking consumers to provide this info? They should have already available this with them. As when someone applies for new connection company asks to provide certain documents including CNIC. Before getting connection consumers enter into one contract with company in which they mention this number. They should take it from their own database or record file.
This shows KE’s incompetence, sluggishness. By this KE is putting its consumers in unnecessary trouble. It is worth to mention that other utility companies have already printed CNIC No taken from record available with them. KE authorities should take notice of it.

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