Kashmiris await world’s attention on Int’l Human Solidarity Day



As the world is celebrating the International Human Solidarity Day, today, with a main objective to remind gov-ernments to respect their commitments to international agreements, Kashmiris continue to wait of exercise of their right to self-determination for the past over seven decades.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service on the day said inspired by Adolf Hitler, fascist Indian occupation forces have martyred around 4.5 lac Muslims in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir over the 75 Years.

The report urged the world community to raise voice for the voiceless people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The report mentioned that celebrating the day won’t leave an impact on ground unless international campaigners for justice and peace stand with the subjugated people of Kashmir and Palestine whose political rights have been snatched by India and Israel as occupier forces.

“Every single voice raised in support of the Kashmiris will surely make a difference,” the report said and added that supporting the oppressed Kashmiris is to support the humanity.

Kashmiri masses, the report added, are up for their UN-sanctioned right to self-determination and they deserve the world support.—KMS