Kashmiri Pandits don’t need Indian soldiers for protection: Pandit activist


A Kashmiri Pandit activist, who left the Kashmir Valley in 1990 and came back in 2018, has said that they do not need any security or ex-Indian army soldiers for their protection as the move is mainly devised for making demographic changes in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The Pandit activist Mohit Bhan, in a two-minute video, said that he has lived in several villages and cities for the last three years and has never felt threatened. He said, “We do not need any security or any ex serviceman to come here [Kashmir]. Common Kashmiris or local people are my real shield. The local Muslims walk shoulder to shoulder with me and they made me realize that I am safe and secure with common Kashmiris than anyone else”.

Pertinently, BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swami on Saturday while visiting the Kashmir valley had said that ex-servicemen should be settled in Kashmir to protect Kashmiri Pandits if they want to return to the valley.

Stating that most Kashmiri Pandits reject the statement of Swamy, Mohit Bhan said, “I want to tell Subramanian Swamy that he is reflecting the agenda of RSS, which is mainly devised for demographic changes in the Kashmir valley.” He added, “You are using Kashmiri Pandits for your politics. We can see every day a new contractor of Kashmiri Pandits comes up to sell our pain and use our sufferings to sell their own agenda.”

Mohit Bhan said that the agenda behind the move to settle ex-Indian army soldiers is to change the structure and demography of Kashmir valley – an agenda not acceptable to Kashmiri Pandits.—KMS


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