Karachi’s routine hustle bustle seen nowhere on Friday


The usual hustle and bustle in Karachi is generally known for as a megapolis was largely found missing on Friday, although almost all public and private sector institutions formally resumed functioning after a three day break on account of Hajj and Eid holidays.

It was not only fear factor related to steady surge in the incidence of Indian variant, commonly known as Delta, of Covid -19 infection but perhaps rising temperature also prevented many to come out of their homes instead going by choice for a long weekend in the safe as well as protected environment of their homes.

“I had not only booked but also paid online for the sacrificial animal of my choice ensuring that it reaches a mosque located close to my home so that not only I may avoid exposing myself and my children to any unnecessary risk but that major portion of the sacrifice reaches the people who deserved,” said Mohammad Rafiq, a mariner who had only recently returned home after a long voyage.

This was a trend increasingly noticed among many of the inhabitants of the port city, also having serious reservations about the arrangements made by city administration for proper and safe disposal of offal feared to cause outbreak of diseases at a time when Covid – 19 is already wrecking their socio-economic status.

“We are mentally prepared for a lockdown and its aftermath on our livelihood,” said Anjum Khan and his brother Shahnawaz engaged in catering business.

Agreeing that vaccination and compliance to SOPs can help handle the situation, Khan brothers were of the opinion that those at helm of affairs must also set an example ensuring that no compromises are allowed on their part too.

Officials representing Karachi Administrator and Commissioner officers respectively attempted to dispel the impression of any lacking in prompt collection and removal of relevant waste reminding that there are identified landfill sites in the outskirts of Karachi for adequate disposal of the biodegradable residues.”

Our adequately manned and equipped vehicles are moving around the city, since first day of Eid, at regular intervals for the purpose and we do expect citizens too to also take upon themselves the responsibility ensuring that waste is not left just in the middle of roads and lanes but dumped into or at least put close to the drums and bins placed across the megapolis.” said a representative of the administration.

About stench and foul smell in different areas, he said good care is also being taken to address the issue.

Factual situation was, however, far from good compelling many of the citizens to confine themselves and their children to the four walls of their homes.

Yet, there was also no dearth of families reaching sea side despite a soft ban. Families, though not many were also witnessed enjoying themselves at the lawns of Mazar e Quaid.

“See living in a 40 yards or even a 80 yards house, in congested alley, with no less than eight to ten members is no joke and we do need to get rid of the suffocation and some access to fresh air,” said Jazba Khatoon, residing in nearby Line Area locality.

The lady, a home based worker, was of the opinion that people indeed need a decent living in whatever may be their resources and it is the responsibility of the government to facilitate them having the same.


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