Karachi’s famous food street to become traffic-free from 10th


Famous food street in Karachi which is known for its cuisine variety and nuance, Burns Road, will become traffic-free from January 10 under an initiative from the Sindh government, according to notification by DC South. According to a notification issued by the deputy commissioner South, the Burns Road food street will only be used by pedestrians from January 10. However, it said that those living within the premises of the food street would be issued special stickers for their vehicles to enter the restricted area. Those coming to food street will be provided with valet parking services under which the vehicles would be parked at designated slots, the notification read and further added that special passage would be left for emergency services at the street despite its complete closure for the traffic. According to the traffic plan shared by the deputy commissioner South through a notification, Shahra-e-Liaquat would be blocked for traffic from Fresco to Court Road after 7:00 pm. The traffic flow from Aram Bagh to Fresco roundabout would be diverted to MA Jinnah Road or towards People’s Square. The area from Fresco roundabout to Fatima Jinnah Women College would be designated for pedestrians, the notification read adding that the residents would be issued stickers for their vehicles to park within the area.

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