Karachi: water supply cut off after pipe bursts at Dhabeji


After a pipeline burst at the Dhabeji Pumping Station, water supply to Karachi was cut off on Monday morning.

The pipe burst due to pressure that built up after the station’s power was turned off, according to the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board. The tubing was harmed by the water backlog.

As a result, the city’s water source has been cut off. Gulshan-e-Hadid, Pipri, Quaidabad, Malir, Shah Latif Town, Landhi, and Korangi are among the areas most affected by the pipe burst, according to a KWSB spokesperson.

The line’s repair work is yet to start. The fixes are estimated to take between 24 and 36 hours. It has been recommended that people use water sparingly.

Karachi receives water from two sources: the Indus River and the Hub River. These are the two main contributors to Karachi’s water source, which provides the city with approximately 650 MGD of water.

Water from Kinjhar Lake flows into an open canal to Dhabeji pumping station, where it is pumped up to Forebay, where it is gravity fed to Pipri filter farm, North East Karachi pumping station, COD filter plant, and the old NEK filter plant.

The Hub River provides water to Karachi’s West and Central districts in the amount of 100 million gallons every day.

The water from the Indus, on the other hand, is delivered through the Keti Bandar Feeder, which serves as an irrigation reservoir. Karachi gets its water from the Kinjhar Lake, which is filled by the Indus River’s waters.

Karachi earns about 430MGD of the estimated 650MGD, with about 220MGD of water lost owing to leaks and robbery.

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