Justice for Kashmir


We are Pakistanis and we know the importance of Kashmir. It will be apt and pertinent to say that Kashmir is in fact the spinal cord of Pakistan. Indeed, our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of Kashmir. We are surprised over the silence of world particularly the stakeholders of peace. The peace organizations like UNO is said to be the custodian of peace in the world and their primary function is to maintain the peace and law and order situation in every corner of world. Unfortunately, there is massacre, genocide and atrocities of poor Kashmiris on a daily basis by tyrant, inhuman and heartless Indian army but they the custodian have paid no heed to the cries of poor Kashmiris. They have turned deaf ears.
There is a question mark on their attitude. However, justice denied anywhere is justice denied everywhere. Additionally, we will never leave our Muslim brothers. The entire Muslim Ummah is with them in the hour of need. We demurely request the authorities to bring peace in Kashmir. We want justice for Kashmir. And now we are waiting impatiently for the day when there would be peace in Kashmir, we are waiting for the day when t killings of innocent Kashmiris would be stopped in Kashmir. If once we decide that we have to do something for our Muslims brothers, we can surely bring back peace, prosperity and love. Hence, why shouldn’t we raise voice for the freedom of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters on every platform? Kashmir which was famous as the heaven on earth has become the home of diseases and disasters because of brutal acts of Indians. Moreover, if demanding justice is a crime then I am criminal. If speaking and fighting for the justice of Kashmir is called terrorism then yes I am a terrorist. Save Kashmir save humanity.

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