July 13, 1931 is turning point in Kashmir history


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Hurriyat forum led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has said that July 13, 1931 was a turning point in the contemporary history of Kashmir when 22 Kash-miris were killed in cold blood by the forces of Do-gra ruler.

The Hurriyat forum in a statement issued in Sri-nagar said that those victims became first martyrs of Kashmir and led to the launch of a political agitation by the people of Kashmir for their political and economic unshackling.

Since then to this day people of Kashmir – generation after generation – are struggling for the realisation of that aspiration, it said.

The Hurriyat forum said, people of Kashmir have always honoured these martyrs on their mar-tyrdom anniversary and commemorated it as the Martyrs’ Day by holding rallies at the Martyrs’ Graveyard to pay tributes to them and observe a protest strike in their memory.

The Hurriyat forum said, people of Kashmir and leaders will continue their peaceful political struggle for the realisation of the mission for which these martyrs laid down their lives and that is the best tribute to them.—KMS

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