JUI-F to take country to new heights of prosperity: Usman


Irfan Aligi


Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam-F (JUI-F) leader Qari Muhammad Usman said that the rulers in past and present had totally ignored the people’s aspirations; they deliberately ignored measures that could amicably resolve people’s problems and issues. The dearness is ever high while joblessness is equally unprecedented in Pakistan. The incumbent government is unaware of peoples’ sentiments and theta they need immediate relief or else there would be no U-turn left for the rulers.
He was talking to Pakistan Observer, Monday. The JUI-F leader Usman said that there are variety of issues that have gripped the masses in panic and on top are three that directly affected a common man and these include joblessness and unemployment, dearness and law and order while police atrocities are equally rampant and going unchecked.
Qari Usman said that people had witnessed how JUI-F ruled over the KP and that proves that the party has a thorough programme for the well being of the masses and has the potential to take the country to the heights of prosperity. He said that people are now looking towards JUI-F after they have witnessed an entirely peaceful and well-organised Azadi March. The JUI-F is committed to seek and find solution to peoples’ grievances and for that reason, the party is on streets. “We have not known to any term as that of ‘Compromise over public interests.” “JUI-F’s past KP provincial government is open to all and the working and performances of the party are well lauded by the people of KP.
He said that JUI-F can’t be intimidated or traded with any deal and that the party has smoothly emerged as the voice of the common men. Qari Usman said that the whole world closed watched and monitored Azadi March and as compared to PTI’s one and the devoted.

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