Jake Paul is in the final stages of setting up a fight with Hasim Rahman Jr. for the August 6 card after Tommy Fury was ruled out once again.

Tommy Fury, the brother of Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, was denied entry into the United States while flying out of London over a week ago. The boxer said on his Instagram, via ESPN, that he had no idea why the airport denied him to board the plane and enter the country.

The general consensus is that the Fury clan is associated with Daniel Kinahan who is being sought by law enforcement authorities for his links to organized crimes.

After the incident, Jake Paul began to look for a replacement and has reportedly settled on Hasim Rahman Jr. for his Madison Square Garden event on August 6.

The YouTuber turned boxer will enter the match with a 5–0 record as a professional boxer, including four knockouts with his last win coming over Tyron Woodley in December.

Rahman Jr. is the son of ex-heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman and holds a 12–1 professional record heading into the August match.

The 31-year-old’s last fight was in April vs. James McKenzie Morrison, and it resulted in his first professional loss after a knockout.

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