Islamabad – the beautiful Kachnar Park once a rubbish dump turned into a beautiful garden by citizens on self help basis

Shamsul Haq Awan 
General Secretary
Islamabad Citizens Committee

There is a saying that green tree in a house is a symbol of prosperity. A park in the town is a token of positive thinkers and a beautiful park speaks of beautiful people. Allah (s.u.t) loves adornment and awarded cleanliness as half Eiman.

In the past a small park in front of Shifa International Hospital was the only entertainment place for walkers of I-8.

Kachnar Park was later on developed which has now become hub of activities. Kachnar Park is situated in 1-8-3 road side of expressway opposite to parade ground.

Kachnar Park, was a jungle for pigs to enjoy and to frighten residents. CDA deserves a debt of gratitude that this jungle caught its attention and development started.

Bushes trimmed, unnecessary trees were cut and pavements leveled. Exercise arena established, benches provided for sitting elders, canopies erected for shelter.

Citizens started using it, yet it was full of rubbish, heaps of eaten foods, full of scattered plastic shoppers.

In rains muddy track represents of country side spectrum. We used to walk in it and blame CDA for not cleansing it but none of us ever taken initiative to pick up even a single plastic shopper.

To good luck of Kachnar park that a lady of Australian national named Qatrina married a Pakistani doctor and resided in 1-8-3. She took initiative and all alone, started picking shoppers.

Taking incentive from her activities, the residents of I-8 rose to the occasion and started sharing her. No doubt Pakistani nation has great potentials but someone needs to ignite it. Qatrina ignited it then people of all walk of life joined hands and an NGO named “Friends of Kachnar Park” emerged.

MrFarooqAkber an educationist, Dr. Mudassar Mufti a health career, Suleman an engineer, Muzaffar a businessman and Dr. Sania an educationist, Madam Sara and Dr. Surraiya joined it and the slumber vanished away.

The Park was distributed in 8 zones, each zone was assigned to a member. Numbering of trees was done and their nourishment started.

In order to meet with repair work of benches, dust bins and canopies monthly contribution started.

DrMudassar always had a close liaison with CDA, who ultimately started relying on FKP for Kachnar Park and did not interfere in its working.

Besides seasonal flowers, 400 fruit trees were gardened. Another remarkable job, watering arrangement for plants was done by FKP without any CDA help .Initially a water tanker was arranged on payment but later on ablution water of nearby mosque was utilized.

Ablution water first stored in a tank and from that tank distribution system made through pipe line up to each plant.

Utilization of used water by FKP, can be a role model for all others who means business. Indeed this system is more productive than Indus Water Treaty.

Fruit trees have their own enchanting look which enhances the spirit of residents .This is a matter of great pleasure that after 3years of period trees started giving fruit. Children’s play and enjoy citrus as well.

Canopies were repaired with heavy cost on self help basis. President of Islamabad Citizens Committee Syed Muhammad Siddique Hassan also visited and appreciated the efforts made by FKP.

No doubt PTI government has taken keen interest in maintenance of roads and parks bringing CDA on board. FKP has now preferred two demands.

One is – a dire need of fencing to prevent dogs to enter and to limit space for wagabounds to run away after committing mischief. Secondly Trees have started decaying day by day by Pests therefore immediate action is needed.

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