Islamabad the beautiful — a city of civilized people with a blend of international culture

Shamsul Haq Awan

Pakistan in a vast land extending extends from Wagha to Toorkham, Gilgit to Karachi and Zahidan.

All towns and cities exhibit their identity but Islamabad stands high to glorify beauty of Pakistan.

This is a part of Muslim civilization. If town planning is must, our Prophet Muhammad PBUH has given instructions to keep roads as spacious that two opposite vehicles can pass easily.

This city is a true picture of Profit’s instructions. Its roads and easy approach to sectors gives aesthetic look.

Every sector and sub sector is equipped with parks and markets so that housewives can buy grocery without burdening their spouses. Government offices and embassies are within reach of all.

Metro bus service is no less a mercy of God to low paid citizens between the twin cities. A full sector of F-9 Park is symbol of health, creation and mental relief, an extra ordinary opportunity which exists nowhere in the sub continent.

A full sector of H-8 is provided for education facilities, which is within the reach of every student. The planners have given due consideration to the education.

PIMS a hospital catering to the needs of not only citizen but of all nearby cities is situated in the centre of city for easy approach from all corners of the town. Its police is comparatively civilized and well mannered.

It is also a good omen that citizens are highly educated and well cultured making a peaceful society.

Politicians live here representing the culture of whole country. It is indeed a city of health, education, culture of international blend and city of civilized people.

The need is that Islamabadians should realize their responsibilities as the citizens of capital city.

They should come up with zeal and vigour to keep it neat and clean, promote humanity and inculcate social values. The persons from countryside may return with a feeling of tolerance and harmony.

The Daily Observer has graciously decided to give space to Islamabad Citizens to upgrade the standard of Islamabad by alleviating its problems.

Any proposal and suggestion can be referred to the author for further highlighting in the newspaper. Suggestions may be sent on E-mail: [email protected]

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