Int’l organisations role in IoK


The very simple and at the same time a complex question rises in my mind is: Why is Kashmir a disputed area, an area where most of the people want to be freed from Indian occupation. Throughout my life, I have seen Indian forces enforcing their will on Kashmiris. Resolutions for freeing Kashmir from Indian hegemony are still pending. UNO and many other human rights organisations are just silent spectators. This is really unbelievable that fire is burning while fire fighters are spectators.
The dispute of Kashmir is really a slap on the faces of the mentioned organisations. The importance of these organisations has lost their value. If they cannot resolve the most important issue of South Asia why are they still there. Muslims all over the world are suffering. Regardless of religion humanity is ashamed of the cruelty of Indian forces. It is the 14th day and all the mass media and internet is banned.
No body is allowed to come out from homes. What about the patients and those people who need food stuff from the market. Is this a minor issue? Despite all these things the silence of international organisations is no more meaningless. Although it is a big diplomatic victory for Pakistan; as Security Council has summoned an ijlas on Kashmir dispute after 50 years. Kashmir issue must be addressed on serious grounds and be resolved before it takes the worst form of human crisis.
Bajaur KP

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