Int’l community urged to build long term robust resilience


The international community urged to initiate practical measures in response to destruction and damage wreaked by disastrous flooding in Pakistan by building long-term robust resilience in a manner that we do not have to meet emergencies again and again.

“Rebuilding again after a climate-induced disaster is not the solution that can help countries like Pakistan, we need to build for better to withstand greater pressures,” observes Dr. Arjumand Nizami, Country Director of Helvetas Pakistan.

These views were expressed by her in a virtual message sent during the recently held Climate Change Conference (COP 27). “In the longer term we have to rethink and revisit our concept of development,” opined Dr. Arjumand who has 29 years of work experience in development cooperation. The high emitting countries need to fast-track emission reductions and spend more on providing low emitting countries with stronger and well-governed adaption solutions, she proposes.

“Today it’s Pakistan, tomorrow it can be some other country because there are eight hundred million people living in climate hot spots and we should not wait for another disaster to happen,” she warned. “Now it’s time for the international community to actually translate promises made in different conferences into action,” Dr. Arjumand remarked. Pakistan being a badly hit country due to monstrous flooding need the technical support of the world community.