Industries closing due to lack of gas, says Bilal Ghaffar



The leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Bilal Ghaffar, expressing serious concern over the continuous decline in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, said that during the last 8 months, business activities in the country were most affected. In view of the policies of the current government, the trend of investment in the country is ending, the news of continuous fall in the Pakistan Stock Exchange has taken away the happiness of the investors, and the textile sector in the country is suffering from disaster.

In a statement, he said that the industries of Faisalabad, Karachi have caught the eye of the imported government, the supply of gas to the industries is stopped as per the requirement, the goods are gradually moving away from the people. Under the imported government, the mafia has become unbridled; the prices of flour are at the highest level in history.  Bilal Ghaffar said that the country is close to bankruptcy. The arrival of Ishaq Dar has not benefited the country.

If it has benefited, only Ishaq Dar’s self has benefited. Ishaq Dar’s mission is to make the rupee a waste. Uncontrollable, the imported government has narrowed the land for the youth in the country, the unemployment rate is increasing day by day, and the brain drain from the country has been forced to migrate abroad. He will die his political death.