Indonesia: Crashed Sriwijaya Air plane’s voice recorder recovered


The lost voice recorder from the Sriwijaya Air plane that crashed into the Java Sea in January, killing all 62 people on board, has been recovered by Indonesian rescue teams.

Officials said the recording was discovered under 1 metre (3.3 feet) of mud and that recovering it could take up to a week.

The officials are hopeful that evidence from the “black box” can include valuable information as to what triggered the disaster.

Minutes after taking off from Jakarta, flight SJ182 crashed.

Salvage teams retrieved the flight data recorder days after the accident, but they couldn’t offer enough answers as to why the plane plunged into the water.

According to a provisional analysis, the plane’s engine thrust was impaired, forcing it to roll sharply and then plunge into the water.

After being suspended during the pandemic, the 26-year-old Boeing 737 passed an airworthiness examination in December 2020.

Sriwijaya Air is a local budget airline that flies to Indonesian and other Southeast Asian destinations. It was established in 2003.