India’s motives of staging drama of drown attack on Jammu Air Base | By Muhammad Hanif 


India’s motives of staging drama of drown attack on Jammu Air Base

ACCORDING to The Diplomat, on 27 June 2021 (Sunday), Indian officials claimed that two drones carrying explosives were used to attack an air base in Jammu city.

Officials said two soldiers were lightly wounded in the two explosions, which also caused minor damage to a building on the base.

No military equipment was damaged. The air base in Jammu is also used as a civilian airport, but there was no disruption to civilian flights.

The Indian Minister of State for Home Affairs, G Kishan Reddy, said that Pakistan’s role could not be ruled out in the Jammu Air Force station attack. Reddy had also said that investigations were under way.

Also, as stated in the Times of India newspaper, the National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana termed the attack as a “new dimension of terrorism by the rogue State of Pakistan”.

As per Times of India dated 29 June 2021, the occupied J&K police DGP Dilbag Singh has alleged by stating that Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba is likely to be the mastermind of the drone attack at the IAF station in Jammu airport.

Many Indian TV channels through their comments and talk shows are saying that Pakistan is behind these so-called drone attacks.

It is being propagated by the Indian media that the drone attack on the Jammu airbase seriously escalates the threat of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan.

Very rightly, the Pakistan Foreign Office on 30 June 2021 dismissed Indian allegations about Pakistan’s role in a drone attack in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir as “irresponsible”.

“Pakistan categorically rejects the irresponsible and misleading statement by Indian Minister of State for Home Affairs G. Kishan Reddy, regarding an alleged drone attack in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” the FO said.

The FO also said that India was levelling serious allegations against Pakistan without providing any evidence.

The Pakistan Foreign Office observed that the drone attack allegations confirmed Pakistan’s fears about the BJP government staging “false flag” operations to malign Pakistan with terrorism-related allegations to divert international attention on India’s atrocities in Kashmir and divert attention of the India people from Modi government’s internal and foreign policy failings.

The above discussed so called drone attack on Jammu air base and blaming Pakistan for that attack is an old tactics of the Modi government, which it has been using to blame Pakistan for supporting the freedom struggle in IIJ&K (falsely termed by India as terrorism)launched by the people of the state since 1989 to get their right to self determination granted to them in the UNSC resolutions on Kashmir.

The Modi government’s strategy to stage such false flag operations in IIJ&K is also meant to blame Pakistan for supporting so called terrorism in the state to dub Pakistan as a state supporting terrorism, to present the legitimate freedom struggle in the IIJ&K as terrorism, to cover its atrocities and genocide in IIJ&K, especially to suppress the Kashmiris’ reaction to taking away the autonomy of the state on 5 August 2019 and clamping a year long internet and communication lockdown of the state till the out break of COVID-19 happened.

The Jammu air base attack also seems to be a false flag operation, which is meant to blame Pakistan to cover up Modi government’s recent failure to lure in the Kashmiri leaders to participate in the Jammu and Kashmir’s intended elections to legitimize the state’s bifurcation into two union territories, to cover up BJP’s defeat in the recently held state elections.

It is als meant to cover up Modi government’s failures in handling COVID-19 and the economy and its failing policies in Afghanistan in the post US withdrawal evolving scenario, as it is the only regional country that opposed the inclusion of the Taliban in the Afghan reconciliation process, and now it is making futile efforts to build relations with the Taliban as they are likely to gain power in Afghanistan..

In nutshell, it can be concluded that India is trying to create conditions to blame Pakistan on various accounts to ward off the US and the world pressure to normalize Kashmir, by restoring its autonomy and ending genocide there, to normalize relations with Pakistan, and to divert the attention of the Indian people from Modi government’s mishandling of short border military encounters with China, COVID-19, and economy and masking of its failings in its Afghan policy.

But, in its current game plan, India is sadly mistaken that it can harm Pakistan through its blame game, as now the US and the world is aware of India’s atrocious policies in IIJ&K, like ending its autonomy, dividing it into two union territories, and its genocide there.

The world is also aware about the lies spoken by the Modi government during its false flag operations in Pakistan in 2019, its air encounter with Pakistan in February 2019, and its anti minority policies, like the massacre of the Muslims in New Delhi by the Hindu Zealots to crush the Muslims’ peaceful protest against the CAA.

Due to the above facts, as has been smartly summed up by Mr. Holbrooke in his article titled “Holbrooke’s Revenge-How Modi Led the Americans back into Kashmir” recently published in the Wire, Modi Government’s strategy of defaming Pakistan on various accounts by creating different scenarios will not succeed as the US, the western countries and the world now do not trust the Modi government due to its wrong policies based on sheer lies with anti minority bias in India, promoting Hindu India at the cost of its minorities and its human rights violations and genocidal and unjust policies in IIJ&K.

—The writer is the former Research Fellow of IPRI and Senior Research Fellow of SVI Islamabad.

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