Indian media hiding actual facts and prevailing situation in Held Valley



Hurriyet Leader Shamim Shawl on Wednesday said Indian media was hiding the actual facts and prevailing situation in Held Valley from its own people.
Indian media is doing whatever Indian government wants it to do, while it seems that Indian media is just promoting the stance of Indian government, she said while talking in Radio programme.
She said it is positive development that United Nations Secretary General expressed concerns over escalation between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue and urged India to respect human rights and fundamental rights of Kashmiri people.
But as usual India rejected the mediation role offered by UN Secretary General, she added.
She said Kashmiris are fighting unarmed against Indian forces and determined to get their right to self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions.
For over six and half months, Indian has clamped down the entire Kashmir valley and young Kashmiris are being arrested and tortured.
Meanwhile, due to Indian illegal move to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir, India has been facing severe economic crises.
She predicted that the extremist Narendra Modi is trying to do with the Kashmiri Muslim just like he did with the Muslims of Gujarat.—APP

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