Indian girl ties knot with Pakistani boy


In a cross-border love story, an Indian girl tied the knot with a Pakistani boy after they befriended each other through social media platform, it was reported on Friday.

According to details, the woman named Shehnaz, who belonged to India’s Chandigarh- the capital of Punjab and Haryana, married to a Pakistani youngster, Zeeshan, who is a resident of Mawlapur.

The Nikkah ceremony between Shehnaz and Zeeshan was held in Mawla pur and both of them had valid passports of their countries. The police while commenting on the entire episode said that an Indian girl came to Pakistan on February 28 and is currently staying in the country. “Police have a complete record of her arrival, departure and other travel details,” they said.

Cross-border marriages are not rare and the most prominent example of it is Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik married Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza. Sania Mirza is a resident of India’s Hyderabad while Shoaib Malik is a resident of Sialkot city of the Punjab province in Pakistan.—INP