Indian conspiracy against Pakistan regarding GSP will fail: Governor


Staff Reporter

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that Indian conspiracy against renewal of Pakistan GSP-Plus status will be foiled. Transparent and constructive cooperation increased between Pakistan and European Union for sustainable development. He expressed these views while leaving for a visit to Europe here at Allama Iqbal International Airport on Saturday.
Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that unfortunately, India is not only the enemy of humanity but also of the regional development and prosperity. Indian lobby is active for cancellation of GSP-Plus status to Pakistan, however, we have earlier defeated India on diplomatic front and it will not be let succeed at any cost this time as well.
“During my visit to Europe, I will meet members of European Parliament specially the members of Parliamentary Committee on International Trade with regard to three-year extension in the GSP-Plus status to Pakistan. And I will also apprise them that what historic measures Pakistan has taken in the economic and other sectors.” Undoubtedly, the GSP-Plus has stabilized Pakistan exports and Pakistan has obtained benefit worth more than 15 billion dollars during five years.
Under the GSP-Plus Framework, he said, transparent and constructive cooperation increased between Pakistan and European Union for sustainable development; and European authorities has admitted this fact several times. Pakistan will continue with productive cooperation with European Union in the economic, trade and social sectors.
Governor Punjab added that during his visit, he will also inform the world about Kashmir issue and Indian war hysteria, because there is curfew in occupied Kashmir even today and carnage of innocent people is continued there and woman are not safe in occupied Kashmir. “I think, European Union should play its role for removal of curfew and stoppage of Indian tyrannies in occupied valley because it has become indispensable for Kashmir issue to be settled down in accordance with the UNO resolutions.