India, Pakistan must ensure peace in region: NZ HC


Salahuddin Haider

BILATERAL and multilateral efforts are necessary for India and Pakistan to engage themselves in dialogue for peace in the region. This was stated by the New Zealand high commissioner to Pakistan Hamish Macmaster in two separate gatherings within less than 24 hours. Macmaster, currently accredited to Iran and Pakistan simultaneously, was in Pakistan for few days, spending mid-week in Karachi to express himself about his own country, bilateral ties with Pakistan, and recalling with legitimate pride how his country’s prime minister went around Muslim communities to share their grief, Jascinda Kate Lauren Arden and sympathies with them on the loss of 9 Pakistan in Christchurch carnage on March 15, By her efforts, she became a role model for the world leaders as to how a crisis must be handled, and impact of bloodshed, in human lives and tragedies could at least be rectified, if not completely compensated.
Speaking first the English Speaking Union of Pakistan Wednesday afternoon, he chose the subject “ties that bind” to highlight the importance of mutual, bilateral, and multilateral cooperation in fighting terrorism, and protecting human sufferings. So touched and moved by the shocking incident that Jascinda went from door to door, sharing grief with the next of kin of victims of Christchurh blast that the world could not hide its praise for her. He was asked that as founder of the United Nations after the failure of the League of Nations in the wake of first world war, why did his country, taking part in peace missions in troubled areas, remained somewhat evasive on brutalities in Kashmir which India annexed forcibly.
His initial response was rather evasive, but when people like General Moinuddin Haider, Admiral Khalid Mir, and former Sindh chief secretary Ashraf, ex Pakistan high commissioner to UK Razzak Jaffer, and this scribe pressed the point, when he said that his government was looking into the problem with concern. Thursday morning, dwelling on Christchurch tragedy, he was again confronted with Modi’s decision to annex Kashmir, and turn the valley into world’s largest prison or concentration camp, he said it was a world concern, and India and Pakistan must engage in Kashmir dispute to resolve it and restore peace.
The forum this time was Pathway group of Chairman K-Elecric, Ikram Sehgal who also now heads the Karachi Council on Foreign relations at the breakfast meeting with his wife,who could not hide the secret that she loved Karachi and was thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the mega polis. Ikram Sehgal and Aziz Memon, Presidents of EUSP and KCFR paid eloquent tributes to Macmaster and his lovely. The High commissioner had a special word of praise for Moinuddin Fudda, honorary consul general of New Zealand for over 30 years, and doing the very well.

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