India has turned Kashmir into hell for oppressed Kashmiris: Buzdar


Amraiz Khan

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said that India is continuously violating all laws in occupied Kashmir and has turned the valley into a hell for the oppressed Kashmiris through prolonged curfew and siege.
He said Indian premier Narendra Modi had become the Yazid of today, but his era of oppression would come to an end soon.
He said the silence of the international community on continuous Indian oppression and brutalities against Kashmiris could result in a human tragedy and added that the world nations would have to awake from their deep slumber soon.
In a media statement, the CM said India could not oppress the freedom movement of Kashmiris and all brutalities and cunningness of the Modi government had been exposed fully before the world. He said India had violated democratic norms in occupied Kashmir and Modi’s Hitlerism would devastate India. The freedom struggle of Kashmiris would bear fruit and they would succeed very soon in winning their freedom, he added.
The CM said Pakistan had successfully projected the core issue of Kashmir and Prime Minister Imran Khan was fighting the Kashmir case as an ambassador of Kashmir. The world opinion was being moulded in favour of the oppressed Kashmiris, he added.
Buzdar said Kashmir was the jugular vein of Pakistan and the country was incomplete without it. Both Pakistan and Kashmir were one and would remain so forever.