India bans animal sacrifice in occupied Kashmir ahead of Eidul Adha


SRINAGAR – In the latest curb on the Muslim majority, Indian authorities have banned the sacrifice of animals during the Eidul Adha holiday in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

An order issued on Thursday said the “illegal killing/sacrifices of cows/calves, camels & other animals” must be halted, citing animal welfare laws, international media reported.

The authorities have not given any reason to place the ban on sacrificing animals. However, the move has run the sentiments against India deep in the occupied territory where people used to face Indian atrocities.

Muslims mark the Eidul Adha by offering prayers and slaughtering sacrificial animals, including cow, sheep and camel, to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim´s test of faith.

This year Eid will be celebrated in the region from July 21-23.

On the other hand, cows are considered sacred in Hindu-majority India where slaughtering of the animal is illegal or restricted in various parts of the country.

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