Increasing trend of addiction in educational institutions | By Ghulam Yasin Nizami


Increasing trend of addiction in educational institutions

DEVELOPED countries spend most of their budget on education and research. This is the reason why those countries are grinding their iron in the world. On the other hand, if we talk about the educational institutions of our beloved country, then there are problems in our educational institutions that they are not taking the name of ending. Also in our educational institutions, the fees are increased by the administration, as a result of which the students boycott the classes, sometimes student organizations start protesting in the educational institutions, still the academic summers are suspended and sometimes educational institutions are closed by the administration citing reasons of terrorism. All these things can give a better idea of how far we are behind the developed countries in the field of education. On the other hand, if we talk about the educational culture of Pakistan, nowadays drugs are increasing in small and big educational institutions of Pakistan, thus destroying the new generation, on which the relevant institutions are also silent.

Although education has become very common, which is welcome, there have also been many corruptions in colleges and universities that were hard to imagine at the time. There is no doubt that even today the healthy and happy activities of many hardworking students are commendable, but the current practices are condemnable and deserve immediate attention of parents, administration and higher authorities. Drug addiction is common and these drugs called “party drugs” have reached educational institutions through mafia. A team of the Institute for Prevention of Drug Abuse in Educational Institutions has secretly visited public and private educational institutions and prepared a report, which is clearly states that most of the private educational institutions some of the students are smoking, drinking alcohol and using ice.

Finally, about how drugs are delivered to educational institutions, the sources say that drug smuggling is done in educational institutions operating at general stores, canteens, fruit shops, hotels, laundries and barber shops of schools, colleges and universities, playing important roles, they do it with great skill. According to the report of the UN on Drugs and Crimes, the majority of drug addicts in Pakistan are people aged 13 to 24. These are the people who have been addicted to drugs one or more times. There is a clear difference in people’s addiction. People in upper class use ice crystal, hashish, heroin as well as various drugs while middle class people use pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, hashish, snuff and cigarettes etc.

Anti-Narcotics Force, Excise and Taxation, Police, FIA, Customs, Border Constabulary, Airport Security Force and other institutions are there to implement the laws regarding drugs in Pakistan, but due to the lack of communication among them, there has been no clear success in drug prevention so far. On this, an official of the drug control agency said that if the government had made treatment a part of the health policy and a good quality treatment program, then the results of controlling addiction in Pakistan would have been clearly controlled and the best way to avoid addiction. The trick is to never initiate addiction, even as a joke, and never become friends with a drug addict or dealer. Because once you fall under the spell of a drug dealer or drug addict and become an addict, then you have to pay a heavy price for the rest of your life.

In our society, parents do not allow their children to do any small or big work at home and when the child starts doing any work inside the house of his own free will, the parents of the children tell their children that, son, you should focus all your time on your studies. We will do it ourselves. This attitude of parents makes the child lazy and lazy due to which the child has no ability to face any challenge. If the same child is faced with a challenge in tomorrow’s life, that child will never be able to meet the challenge because he does not have the ability to meet the challenge that a normal child should have if God willing, if that child tries to meet the challenge, that child will start taking synthetic drugs after work in search of solace and gradually he will become addicted to taking drugs.

However, so far no significant measures have been taken by the government to prevent this addiction and no punishment has been specifically prescribed for its smugglers and drinkers. It is very important to stop and protect the young generation from its addiction. Apart from this, creating awareness among the people about the menace of drugs is also the need of the hour because drugs are the root of many crimes and social evils. The youth of the nation are heading towards the destinations of destruction but there is no one to stop them. There is a need for student organizations and teachers to support the government in anti-drug awareness campaign and action and the government should also take strict action against drug addiction and the elements involved in it so that this evil can be prevented from spreading further.