Imran warns govt of dire consequences if election date not announced


Says had warned ‘neutrals’ of economic tailspin in case of ouster

Tariq Saeed

Reiterating his call for early elections in the country, Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf supremo Imran Khan has asked the masses to vehemently join the proposed Islamabad march a real success in order to get rid of the “ Imported Government and Stooges and Servants of America”.

He also warned the government of strong reaction of the people and dire consequence if polls were not held at the earliest.

“Masses will have to join the Islamabad March for a revolution but not for politics. To rid the country from the stooges and servants of America and the imported government that has held the entire country hostage with the foreign powers”.

Khan said while addressing a mammoth public rally in Mardan Friday evening adding the march is aimed at a peaceful revolution, for a real independence of the country.

Imran said he had warned the “neutral powers in advance of the conspiracy being hatched by the opposition parties against his government and the country with the help of some foreign powers who never wanted to see Pakistan prosper.

“Shokat Tareen was send to the Neutrals to apprise them of the conspiracy hatched by US and its allies against the country telling them that consequences of the plot would be disastrous and the economy of Pakistan would be ruined. The PTI chief lamented.

Calling the incumbent government to immediately unveil the date of general elections in the country, Imran warned that if a date for the general elections was not announced, then the “sea of people” heading towards Islamabad would be detrimental to the interests of the government.

“From here, I am giving a message to the corrupt thugs and the convict should also hear this: You will not make decisions for the country, but citizens will decide who will rule Pakistan,” Khan said and maintained that United States had conspired against his regime, while the incumbent government’s “Mir Sadiqs and Mir Jafars” were involved in it.

Former Prime Minister lamented that the price hike in the country today was unprecedented, dollar was nearing Rs200, the stock market was plunging fast, everything was becoming expensive and the Country’s economy was literally at the verge of collapse. “The media should ask the people how expensive things are as they would do during our government”. Imran said.

“I call upon the people and especially the young generation to come forward as they are required to wage struggle to ensure real independence of the country, in came here to invite daughters, sisters and mothers to join hand with us.


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