Imran vows to fight Kashmiris’ case at UNGA Modi following Hitler’s path; By detaining thousands of people India pushing them into extremism; Kashmir requires intervention of UN, world powers


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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday vowed to fight the case of oppressed people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir at the upcoming session of United Nations General Assembly and will act as Kashmir’s ambassador before the world and will not disappoint them.
He said this while addressing a massive public gathering in Muzaffarabad to express solidarity with Kashmiris suffering under New Delhi’s draconian lockdown in the occupied valley.
He said brave men do not commit atrocities on innocent people, adding that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a member of Hindu extremist RSS movement from his childhood.
The premier said that Modi-led BJP government do not consider any minority groups including Muslims, Christians and Sikhs among others equal citizens to Hindus.
He said his Indian counterpart is following Hitler’s path, adding that, “Modi can do whatever he wants, but he won’t succeed in his nefarious designs in IOK.” He said American senators have written letters to US President Donald Trump over Kashmir issue. PM Imran

said he was going to attend the UN General Assembly session next week and vowed not to let Kashmiris down. “I will take stand for my brothers and sisters in IOK“I want to tell India that, by detaining thousands of people, you are pushing people into extremism,” he said. “People will rise against India, and it is not just about Indian Muslims, there are 1.25 billion Muslims around the world. They all are watching this,” he added.
“When atrocities get to their peak, people would prefer that death is better than this insulting life.” He said Pakistanis are standing with the people of Kashmir, adding that the nation will fight till the end. “Let me tell the world leaders about the situation in IOK… let me fight the case of Kashmir.”He said that today people have gathered here for Kashmiris and will present their plight before the world. The aim of this gathering is to send a message to the world about the continuing siege of occupied Kashmir by Indian forces. The gathering will also show Pakistan’s resolve to stand with Kashmiris.
“The reason for me becoming an ambassador of Kashmiri people is that I am a Pakistani, a Muslim and a human,” he said.
Addressing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said: “Only a coward man can commit such cruelty against human beings; today 900,000 Indian soldiers are committing atrocities against the people of occupied Kashmir. “A brave man can never do this. No matter how much injustice you commit, you will never succeed.
“Because the people of Kashmir, be it women, children or the elderly, are not scared of death anymore. “We all should know that Modi has been a member of the RSS since he was a child. It is a Hindu extremist group and they hate Muslims, Christians and all minorities.
“They believe in Hindu supremacy and they hate Muslims because they ruled over India for [hundreds of] years. “They are walking the same path as Hitler’s Nazi party, which committed atrocities against minority groups.
“Since RSS was formed, they have wanted an ethnic cleansing of Muslims, i.e., to rid India of Muslims and this is all in accordance with their plan. “Today Kashmir has been internationalised. United Nations Security Council held a meeting on Kashmir issue for the first time in 50 years.
“We want this issue to be solved in accordance with UN resolutions. Through a referendum, Kashmiris should have the right to choose whatever they want. We will support the Kashmiris’ choice.”
Addressing the youth of Azad Kashmir while concluding his speech, Imran said: “I know you want to advance towards the Line of Control, but don’t go until I tell you. First let me go to the United Nations and fight Kashmir’s case.”
Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, addressing the gathering earlier, said that while residents of Azad Jammu and Kashmir have access to news and internet, occupied Kashmir was under a lockdown and a communications blackout.
He demanded that Indian premier Modi lift the curfew and challenged him to hold a rally like the one being held in Muzaffarabad and address the residents of occupied Kashmir.
“The prime minister of Pakistan is addressing AJK people in public in Muzaffarabad. Modi, I challenge you, can you go to Srinagar and address people like this?” AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider thanked the people and government of Pakistan for their support.
“We don’t know how our relatives in occupied Kashmir are doing,” he said, adding: “Do not get entangled in the bilateral dialogue narrative because that undermines the Kashmir issue.”
Meanwhile, speaking to Paula Slier of Russia’s Kremlin-backed international broadcaster RT in Islamabad, Prime Minister asked Russia and other world powers to play their role to resolve the issue of Kashmir, saying he fears that the situation in the occupied territory could soon spiral out of control.
“Eight million people are currently under siege in Kashmir and there is no news coming out of there,” the premier said. “Some 4,000 people have been picked [by Indian forces] in Kashmir, with a curfew imposed there. We fear that an unprecedented oppression is taking place there,” he said during the interview published on Friday.
Prime Minister Imran said that India annexed occupied Kashmir unilaterally. “This situation naturally cannot be accepted by the people of the valley.” It seems, he added, that the BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party]-led government has decided to use sheer force to subdue and oppress the people of Kashmir and intimidate them to accept the former’s illegal move.
To a question, the premier said he doesn’t think that the world has reacted as it should have. “The response of the international community is not what we expected,” he maintained.
“The UN has the responsibility to act now,” he said. “The US, France, Germany, Russia and other countries should step forward to play their role.” India, he added, has been taken over by a “fascist, racist government” and by the extremist ideology of the hardline organisation RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh).
Imran highlighted that as opposed to India’s claims, Kashmir is not their internal matter and this is also true according to the charter of the United Nations. He pointed out that a plebiscite or referendum never took place in Kashmir despite passage of resolutions by the UN in this regard.
Regarding Pakistan’s ties with Russia, the premier said Moscow and Islamabad should give their relations a fresh start. “Russia could be a part of the solution to the Kashmir crisis,” he added. He noted that although Moscow and Islamabad were on opposite sides of the barricade during the Cold War, it is time to put the past behind and start anew.