Imran Abbas becomes brand ambassador of business group

Staff Reporter

Renowned showbiz celebrity, Imran Abbas has been signed by AAA Associates as Brand ambassador.

AAA is a famous business group of twin cities and the actor is all set to be the face of the upcoming campaigns of the company.

Imran Abbas is a leading actor who has also worked earlier with the brand when he appeared in the first ever TVC of AAA – a star-studded affair where Imran Abbas featured alongside other top celebrities of Pakistan.

Sharing his views, Imran Abbas said, “I’ve been associated with AAA for quite some time now and I have also been a part of their social welfare cause like the recent joint venture with JDC to provide Free Meal Mobile services in Islamabad.

I feel honored to be the Brand Ambassador of AAA, as the company upholds an acclaimed image in the industry by offering state-of-the-art leisure facilities, unique architectural structures, customized investment plans, and solutions for diverse clients, ranging from small to large investors.

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