IIOJK authorities order demarcation, verification of Waqf properties


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the authorities have ordered demarcation and verification of Waqf properties across the territory and have asked the divisional commissioners to ensure completion of the process within a month.

In an order, the authorities have said that in the process of digitization and geo-tagging of Waqf properties, it has come to notice that there are a large number of properties which require demarca-tion or where encroachments have taken place.

“Accordingly, in order to conduct demarcation, verification and removal of encroachments. Tehsil-dar concerned shall organise verification and de-marcation of each of the Waqf properties while associating a representative of the CEO Waqf Kashmir/Special Officer Auqaf,” the order reads.

“Specific focus shall be on those Waqf properties that could not be geo-tagged with reference to the data uploaded on the Waqf Management System of India (WAMSI) portal.”

The order reads that the Deputy Commissioners shall constitute teams for 100% cross-checking of the demarcation and encroachment reports. “The necessary entries of Waqf properties in Revenue records shall also be made.”

It reads that the Deputy Commissioners will send reports along with copies of relevant records to the CEO Waqf Kashmir/Special Officer Auqaf who shall certify that the properties have been verified as per the records and duly reconciled with the revenue records and undertake digitisation/geo-tagging of the properties.

The order further states that the Divi-sional Commissioners shall monitor the progress and ensure that the entire exercise is completed within a period of one month.—KMS

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